Since you have a ton of marketing plan samples — and the awesome marketing plan download — you're set to be a rock star in the marketing realm. Although it is quite popular, Special Shoes need an online based shopping site or a website to further enhance their position as one of the top shoe shops in the country. In IMC situational analysis we analyze innovative collection, increase market and market share through integrated PR, advertisement and promotional campaign. Shoe shopping can be either a contact sport or a relaxing afternoon with girlfriends. Emphasis tends to be more on function than style. Ø Create awareness among target audience. First of all we carried out situation analysis in order to understand the problem. To communicate among public and customers, we will advertise our product campaign on TV, magazine, online. On Friday, shoes on sale are 33 percent. Most of the people prefer only branded sport shoes whatever the quality belongs to that particular branded product. Finding a causes both your customers and your company cares about can create magic for your business. 52 Types of Marketing Strategies In Use Today: Cause Marketing. Online marketing channels include any e-marketing campaigns or programs, pay-per-click, affiliate, email, banner to latest web related channels for webinar, blog, micro-blogging, RSS, pod cast, and Internet TV. * Launch a blind ad campaign on billboards and magazines in all A class areas of major cities and magazine with respect to target market. So we must consider all these things before launching IMC tools towards our product. This requires internal knowledge about what your organisation cares about and who they want to help in the world. Dress shoesare categorized by smooth and supple leather uppers, leather soles, and narrow sleek . For kids segment our target audience will be the mother, for young people our target audience will be their wives or their mutual friends, for old people our target audience will be their sons or their families. Offline marketing channels are traditional print (newspaper, magazine), mail order, public relations, industry relations, billboard, radio, and television. The most important thing I wanted to focus on is marketing “plus-size shoes.” I have many friends and family who are so limited and are really missing out on the fun in shoe fashion because they have a hard time shopping for shoes in sizes 10 and up. Pricing a product is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. By Saturday, they are 50 percent off. We feel that Hunky would profit from making an innovative and customer oriented product that will use by mostly all level of people. Rosehill holds a Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University. Donate the old shoes to a homeless shelter or a charity. It is only possible to capture the attention of the target market. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Ø Mulesare shoes or slippers with no fitting around the heel. The name of our sport shoes is Hunky. Promotion:-In a promotion part of the product we are going to launch IMC plan for the target market. Nike, Inc. is a marketer of sports apparel and athletic shoes. The Hunky communication objective is to achieve all marketing objective which are prescribed in marketing plan through strong positioning message. Although common objective of all IMC program is increase brand awareness, sale and design a unique image of the product in customers mind. Ø Cleat (shoe): a type of shoe featuring molded or removable studs. They are often seen as having more sex appeal than low heels (see article for discussion) and are thus commonly worn by women for formal occasions or social outings. All work is written to order. There is no particular design trend in shoes among female, but males are more conscious towards their fashion trends. Ø Massive institutional support for technical services, designing, manpower development and marketing. Success for a business or organization is a matter of good guidance and following the direction it has from the beginning. The message that Passion Soles will seek to communicate is that they offer the largest selection of fashionable women's shoes in Tacoma. It is the engine of growth for the entire Indian leather industry and India is the second largest global producer of footwear after China. They all (competitors) mostly targeted the younger generation but HUNKY Company will target all level of people in the sport shoes segment with affordable price. When all is said and done, buying shoes … Special Shoes is one of the most successful shoe shops in the country. On Sunday, the discount rises to 60 percent, and rises to 75 percent off on Monday. Originally the spikes or “cleats” were made of metal but replaceable “soft spikes” made of synthetic plastic-like materials with prongs distributed radically around the edge of each spike are much more common today (and are required on many golf courses since they cause less damage to the greens). Through the advertisement we want to design the brand image of our product into the customer mind. Our business needs 10,000 website visitors, within the next 6-months from our inbound marketing activities in order to achieve revenue of $200,000 from inbound and content marketing. In Hunky we are creating the core value of our product that is shoes for all level of people with affordable price that most of our competitors do not have. In temperate climates, snowshoes are used for mostly recreational purposes in winter. Before starting a business or forming an organization, one must first identify and solidify its goals and objectives. Meaningful story – They’re selling more than a product; they’re selling aspiration. All rights reserved. Target audience: – The Hunky company target market for the shoes product is kids to up to 15 years, young people and old people above 50 years. Turn the fairy tale into a reality. SWOT analysis will help me to identify our company strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats internally and externally both. Ø Walkingshoes: have a more flexible sole than the running shoe, lighter in weight than the hiking boot, may have air holes, may not be water proof. Shoes have become more than strips of leather to protect tender tootsies. We have looked at the strengths and weaknesses of the Hunky Company as well as the opportunities and threats and have included them in this IMC plan. Create a contest where customers guess who designed which shoe. Hold a gambler's sale over a holiday weekend. It acts as a road map for business owners in determining the effective ways of successful sales and marketing. We will also persuate regarding new adding feature with latest technology among people in to the market. During the event they decided to get feedback from customer who visits “The Reebok hub” so that appropriate primary data can be collected for designing IMC strategy for “The Reebok hub”. Shoes is a part offootwear that is use to first protect the humanfootand later, additionally, as an item of decoration in itself. In many cases these shoes can be worn by either sex. Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ. Make Sure You Have A Strong Brand. A strategy statement outlines the specific strategic … Ø Bowlingshoes: intermediate style between ordinary dress shoes and athletic shoes. Work shoes are designed to stand heavy wear, to protect the wearer, and provide high traction. Reference this. Not only do you support a worthy charity, but you can probably get media coverage for the event. Originally a distributor of shoes, the company now manufactures various shoe… Toachieve this objective we implement various strategies. Price: – The price range of the product range will be from Rs. Without these, your business or organization wont have the proper reasons to function. For example, the business continues its investment in research and development to produce new products and enhanced versions of its current products. The shoes are typically dyed to match a specific dress. Her passion includes cooking, eating and writing about food. When you are releasing a new line of shoes for women, hold a fashion show as part of your marketing plan. Opportunity in the terms of the availability of product into the market and differentiating nature of product regarding competitors. Discovering the Nike marketing strategy that put them on the map is where the gold is. They are commonly used for protection in industrial settings,construction,mining, and other workplaces. Since then she has written additional books as well as screenplays, website content and e-books. Non-leather footwear exported from India are Shoes, Sandals and Chappals made of rubber, plastic, P.V.C. Go a step farther and offer champagne in miniature glass slippers when you announce the winner. Ø Cycling shoesare equipped with a metal or plastic cleat to interface withclipless pedals, as well as a stiff sole to maximize power transfer and support the foot. The industry is poised for adopting the modern and state-of-the-art technology to suit the exacting international requirements and standards. Men’s shoes can be categorized by how they are closed: Ø Plain-toes: have a sleek appearance and no extra decorations on the vamp. Besides opportunities there is a lot of threat that create barrier for Shoes Company. Entrepreneur Magazine: Flip-Flops, Sandals, Heels: Oh, My! Ø Golfshoes: with “spikes” for better grip in grass and wet ground. Education For this by the help of. Car dealers do it, so why can't your shoe boutique? The product strategy and mix in Nike marketing strategy can be explained as follows: Nike offers a wide range of products including shoes, apparel and equipment. No plagiarism, guaranteed! It then sets out to describe the target audience for the product range and finally suggests a host of marketing strategies and activities that will help Nike to achieve its target of becoming the #1 sports shoe brand in India. So we have to flow our strategical planning through IMC tools with respect to the target audience of our product. Under situation analysis, we also analyze financial position of company. They also influenced by Newspaper ad because the newspaper is read by most of the people today’s. This is possibly the most popular decoration. Nike didn’t build its … A good example of this is Toms Shoes. After Research survey done by various shoes company, it has been founded that male respondents were more brand conscious than female. In this amount we will capture our target market through various types of IMC tools through the strong positioning message. No specific marketing strategy. Marketing plan of developing and promoting sport shoes online shop LifeShoes Prepared by Ksenia Efrimidi NIUB number 14950623 Supervisor of the bachelor thesis Dr. Francesc Xavier Arroyo University of Barcelona Faculty of Business Administration Academic … As a Hunky company IMC planner our communication objective is to create awareness among the people regarding our product. Strength of India in the footwear sector originates from its command on reliable supply of resources in the form of raw hides and skins, quality finished leather, large installed capacities for production of finished leather & footwear, large human capital with expertise and technology base, skilled manpower and relatively low cost labor, proven strength to produce footwear for global brand leaders and acquired technology competence, particularly for mid and high priced footwear segments. Cost of multiple tier sales … *You can also browse our support articles here >. Currently, customers must travel to the actual shop to purchase their shoes. Ø Well-established linkages with buyers in all parts of India. Ø Non availability of quality footwear components in the market. Ø Sneaker bootand sneaker pump: a shoe that looks like an athletic shoe, but is equipped with a heel, making it a kind of novelty dress shoe. Ø Non- tariff barriers – Developing countries are resorting to more and more non – tariff barriers indirectly. Ø Retain customers through quality supplies and timely deliveries. Many of the shoes that are made out of pleather and look like they were dipped in wax, giving them a tacky appearance. which have helped the brand grow. On the basis of market analysis we can easily identify our competitors in this field and after that we can easily target our segmented market which is beneficial for our new product and what kind of positioning message should be for them and how IMC will be affected for those target market can be easily identified. Passion Soles has chosen an … and other materials. HUNKY Company will use all IMC tools which will be best suited for flowing the message among the targeted people. Various shoes company also organizes various events in order to communicate properly with customers, for example Reebok Brand had planned to launch an event called “Reebok Junnon” for their client “The Reebok hub” a multi brand outlet for apparel of shoes. Before designing IMC program the Reebok Company carried out market research in order to judge customers behaviors toward their shoes.